Sports & Spa

Relaxation on your vacation

Indoor Swimming Pool


Our Pool

Let yourself enjoy the soothing warmth in our indoor pool. After a hike or an exciting day of skiing, your muscles will thank you.


The indoor pool is open daily from 07:30 to 22:00.






Our Sauna

Sweat fit and vital. A visit to our sauna will give you new energy and clear your mind.






Massages in the hotel

Take some time for yourself, find relaxation and rest and strengthen yourself with a soothing massage.


 Partial body massage

Classic deep massage to relax the muscles and to relieve tension and blockages.


Full Body Massage

Classic deep massage to relax the muscles and to relieve tension and blockages.


Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing gentle full body massage with warm essential oils. Depending on your needs and needs, different oils can be selected and combined,


combination massage

Tensions on the back are tracked and loosened. In addition, the affected areas are stimulated via the foot reflex zones.



Reflexology is positively influenced by targeted massage, stress and blockages are released, activated or subdued organs in your function.


Since the appointments in our massage department are always booked very well, we recommend that you book the desired dates early.

Fitness Center


Our Fitness Area

Do not give up your usual training during your holiday and visit our fitness area. There are treadmills, steppers, various strength & cardio machines and of course free weights available.




E-Bike Rental


Relaxed cycling

With our e-mountain bikes, you will discover the mountains around Maria Alm in a gentle way. Many tours, from easy to advanced, and beautiful destinations are just a few miles away. Enjoy the drive through our beautiful region.